6 Reasons why LED Bulbs Pay off

The claim that LED bulbspay offand even you can save energy is certainly not an exaggeration. It has its legitimacy. The technology is not only economical, but also has a much lower environmental impact than most other light sources.
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Long life

Here we are talking about about 50,000 hours of lighting. That is, when lit for 1 day and 6 hours, the bulb will last for about 24 years. This is the fact that it is already very pleasant for your wallet in itself. As a bonus, some manufacturers offer a warranty of up to 5 years.

Does not contain mercury.

1. Another important fact is that this light source does not contain mercury, as in the case of energy-saving lamps. Mercury is harmful to health and is released into the environment when broken. This is not the case with LED bulbs.

Impact resistant

A great advantage is the mechanical resistance to shock and vibration. This ensures that unnecessary damage is not caused by careless handling and the cost does not increase unnecessarily.

Frequent switching is not a problem

1. Another plus is that it can be safely switched on and off as needed. There is no risk that the thermal filament will burst, as is used in the case of incandescent lamps.
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Full light in seconds

You will also understand that LED bulbs reach full light output in a short percentage of seconds. In other words, it actually lights up quickly and takes much longer for an energy-saving lamp, for example.

A more friendly approach to nature

The above characteristics of LED bulbs are a great prerequisite for becoming much more environmentally friendly than before. Whether due to long service life, impact resistance, or absence of toxic substances. Consistent recyclingis important in any case because 95% of the material recovered from returned bulbs can be reused. This reduces not only carbon pollution, but also production costs, and as a result, the price of the product.

LED bulbs can become a reliable and gentle partner for your whole family. You just need to choose.