Gymnasium – Shorter childhood or better preparation for college?

When can an elementary school student become a Gimnasium student?
The Gymnasium has both an 8-year and a 4-year program. This means that a child can enter the so-called Prima (6th grade) in the 5th grade or the Classical in the 9th grade. Choosing the former has the advantage that the child gets accustomed to faster and more intensive studies. If the child does not perform well, he or she can return to elementary school or transfer to another school after the end of the quarter (9th grade). Are you trying to shrink this child\’s childhood? Or, “Don\’t put him in high school. You can\’t even put him in college. You can\’t even put him in college. Shorten his childhood? We\’re going to school anyway, but we can\’t get into college? Where were the wise people?
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What good is a grammar school if it doesn\’t educate you in any way?
Grammar schools are primarily chosen by students who go to college and know that their education here will be most effective. They are often chosen by future doctors, engineers, and architects. You are probably thinking, “But medical school is better for becoming a doctor”. What do you say. To get into medical school, you need chemistry, physics, and biology, but you can\’t take many of those subjects in medical school. I digress. The bottom line is that high school covers all subjects and delays career decision making for four years. Once a student graduates from high school, he or she is theoretically prepared for all colleges.
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How fast-paced is high school? “19]
Good question. Tough answer. It depends on the teacher and the curriculum. But it is certainly true that you have to cover more content in less time than in other schools. Grammar schools are like dissecting rooms. Everything is dug deep and there is a set amount of time for that. Maybe at first you will despair that your child can\’t keep up with your writing and the teacher won\’t slow down, but just give it time. Eventually they will catch up, master the abbreviations and scribbles, and by the time they are done studying, they will realize that they don\’t need to keep notes because they can take pictures of their classmates and they will know everything.