The tunnel is still a big unknown for Czech drivers

It is still true that the biggest risk in the tunnel is the vehicle and its driver. The driver himself. It is his fault that accidents happen. Why? The reasoning is simple. Drivers often do not respect compliance with the rules of driving on the road, both in open areas of the road and in dangerous places, such as tunnels. In the case of bottlenecks, the majority of drivers have problems with maneuvering in small spaces.
dálnice v tunelu
However, rapid response can often prevent disasters. If an accident occurs in the tunnel, it is usually caused by the negligence or carelessness of the driver, and even the technical condition of the vehicle does not get out of the problem. Police often close tunnels or control traffic, but that means complications for thousands of other drivers. At the same time, it is very easy to avoid sharp maneuvers with the vehicle and observe a safe distance. For a skilled driver with a tunnel at the place of residence, such a thing will soon become routine. But what about the drivers who are in the tunnel for the first time in life during the holidays? Let\’s recall a few tips on how to safely pass through the tunnel.
It is important to remember that we will never stop in the tunnel. Whether we took the wrong turn, missed the exit, or are annoyed by the dog in the boot, it must always first get out of the tunnel, so in the most tunnel, too, should not turn back, it is too dangerous, we risk ourselves and others. Even if you miss the exit, do not think about turning around. You just need to get out at the next exit. There is always a way to finish and surface.
člověk v tunelu
Safe speed is also very important. If the vehicle in front of you suddenly begins to brake and you drive at unreasonably high speeds, then there is a certainty of impact. In addition, even the driver behind us will not have enough time for evasive maneuvers, and we are literally so pinched between 2 cars The tunnel is a closed space where there is no time for unnecessary manipulation. It pays to keep your attention and watch events and traffic around us. Traffic signs in the tunnel are not such, we need to monitor them. They report traffic jams, accidents and lane closures, just like normal roads.