On the road, it is important to see and be seen

Before you start thinking about which type of light to use in which situation,you need to get your car bulbs in order. Only then will you be able to shine exactly as you need to for safety. Let\’s take a look at what types of lights there are, when to use them, and when not to use them.
zadní světla vozu

You need to be able to see yourself and others at night

The biggest problems occur when it is pitch black or pitch dark. In the dark, it is extremely important to shine your lights according to the legal regulations, otherwise you may blind other road users. It could even lead to serious accidents.

The key is to ensure visibility and at the same time to consider that the light is not too harsh for the driver of the oncoming vehicle. It is against the law to use high beams when there is a vehicle coming toward you. They must not be used during the daytime either.

Always turn on your lights during the day

As you know, in Bohemia you must always turn on your lights during the day. There are two options.
1. marker and dipped beam headlightsor
2. classic daytime running lights. If the road presents a situationwhere visibility is reduced, the daytime running light must be replaced with a marker light or a dipped beam light. When exactly do you need to use a dipped beam light or clearance light? 35] – Darkor Dusk
“Lights On” signs
Heavy rain [snow fog. [53] [54] [55] See through snow, rain, and fog [56] The last category of car lights are fog lights. [57] Fog lamps [58] can only be used in three possible atmospheric conditions: [59] – fog, [60] – heavy rain, and [61] – snow.

Two options are available: front fog lights and rear fog lights. Rear fog lamps are mandatory, but front fog lamps are not. Accidents can be easily avoided by remembering which one to use the next time you drive, day or night, rain or fog.