Yankee Candle’s founder has passed away, but what was his company’s success?

The history of this industry icon dates back to the Christmas season of 1969. The founder, Mike Kittredge, had not prepared a single gift for his loved ones on Christmas Day. So he came up with the idea of making the first candles from old candles. And a gift for his mother was born! This gift was very much appreciated by the lady next door. When she came to visit she wanted to buy it.
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With the money he bought his first real candle-making materials. This went on for some time as neighbors and friends admired Mike\’s candles. It was several years later that Mike was still making his own candles. With a garage full of candles, Mike had to find a new place to work and start a candle business. Who would have thought that his first candles would be so successful?
Thirteen years later, the founder could afford to pay his first employees and produce his products more efficiently. He also set up a store where all of his products were sold. But eventually he needed more space, so he rented a factory and a larger store. Today, Yankee Candles are sold all over the world. There are more than 2,000 dealers in the United States.
And that\’s not all. Yankee Candle is truly a quality brand. All of their products have unique, long-lasting scents that you won\’t find in any other product as great as this one. They have original packaging, labels, scents, and products. For the connoisseurs, Clean Cotton (laundry linen), Cherry Blossom (cherry blossom), Lemon Lavender (lemon lavender), and Soft Blanket are the most popular. Also available are diffusers, aromatherapy lamps, car fragrances, candle holders, lanterns, and gift sets.
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What makes these products unique is love, care, and originality. That is the kind of success that can inspire others. Mike Knittredge unfortunately passed away in July, but his products will remain for a long time to come.