Are electric cars the vehicle of the future?

Much has been said about the undeniable advantages of electric cars. Undeniable advantages include environmental friendliness. But let us also look together at the drawbacks of this type of vehicle.
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Every car needs to be supplied with some form of energy as a power source. In the case of electric vehicles, logically this is electricity, which may seem like a great option. But have you ever considered the disadvantages of such charging? You know how long it takes to charge a cell phone battery. Even if the chargers were more powerful, we would still have to spend at least an hour at the charging station. Can you imagine? What if that station was crowded and you were second, or even third in line? Then “refueling” would take much longer. The solution might be to supply power from the comfort of your home at night, but can you imagine if everyone did that, often with two or three cars per household? The question is whether the grid can handle that amount of power.

Aside from the charging issue, there is another problem. The high price is simply insurmountable for much of the population.

Range [20
The range of this type of vehicle is short. Can you imagine running out of battery power in the middle of a journey? Batteries are consumed not only by driving, but often also by heating, which is a major problem, especially in winter. If the electricity runs out, not only will the car not be able to go any further, but the wheels will lock up and it will not be able to be towed. If they want to get the car off the road, they have to lift it, load it, and take it somewhere.
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Environmentally Friendly
Electric cars are considered “environmentally friendly,” but that is not entirely true. While the operation of electric vehicles itself does not pollute the environment, the same cannot be said for other things. For example, electricity is produced in nuclear power plants, and the components needed to manufacture a car are often more than enough to put a strain on the environment.