Watch out for animals

Let me tell you, life without a car is really hard. I was 19 at the time, and I borrowed a car from my parents, who had a brand new car, but they lent me their old car because I liked to drive really fast. Who doesn\’t like to drive fast? Probably only older people. I think the younger people like to drive faster. But we all know that driving fast can lead to accidents, hitting someone, or something worse.

Rodiče mi půjčují auto.

I would also recommend driving carefully on dirt roads and forest roads. You never know what might jump out of a meadow, field, or forest. I had the misfortune of being hit by a deer once, and afterwards I cried because I felt sorry for the deer. Maybe somewhere along the way I bumped into a doe with a fawn. A little baby deer. So I went back to that spot a couple more times to see if there was a fawn there. I didn\’t find anything, but I might have missed something.

Rychle už raději neřídím.

So I\’ve been careful ever since. I like the adrenaline rush, so I always try to tame myself, and I always run very carefully, maybe 50 km at most, in busy places or near fields. How about you? Or do you like the adrenaline rush and speed like I do? When I\’m with someone and there\’s someone else in the car, I like to drive carefully. I don\’t want anyone else to be crippled or have an accident because of me. And I don\’t want to lose my license and have to borrow my parents\’ car.