Unexpected breakdowns – what to do?

This can be a simple tire puncture for most drivers, but it can also be a more serious breakdown in the engine, steering, brakes, etc. that prevents them from continuing to drive. In this case, there are several important guidelines to follow.

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Mark your vehicle as far out of the way as possible

If possible, pull over to the right side of the road as far out of the way as possible. If necessary, push the car there. Hazard lights should be on immediately. They should remain on at least until a warning triangle is placed behind the vehicle. Wear the warning vest as soon as you leave the vehicle. Place the triangle at least 50 meters, and on highways 100 meters to the right of the road. In some situations, this distance can be reduced in villages.

If visibility is poor, keep parking lights on at least. If car lights are not on, provide alternate lighting, e.g., flashlights if possible.

If you determine that you cannot repair the breakdown yourself on the spot within a reasonable time, arrange to have the car towed immediately or call a towing service.
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What to report to the police.

If you are unable to remove a car that is blocking traffic, you must call the police. This is the case, for example, if there is a prolonged wait for towing.32]

You must also report to the police if you are parked in a very dangerous place, in a tunnel, on a bridge, at a railroad crossing, etc.

Each railroad crossing is marked with a number, which helps to accurately identify the crossing when notifying the police. Vehicles must be removed from the crossing by all technical means, including other drivers and vehicles. Statistics show that collisions with trains are fatal.