naloknovaný účes

If your hair is straight, try kulmofen, you know how to look curly or just gentle curls. You have different types of bullets to choose from, so you will definitely choose one of them.
Classic hair irons
Blow Works on the principle of blowing hot air using slots located around the brush. Brush your hair, wait a while, and then take it off. You will lay the hair beautifully. The manufacturer offers them in a version with a cold air flow, in addition to the basic functions,
naloknovaný účes
Hair irons with ceramic processed surfaces
These are the classic types of hair irons known since ancient times, but now they have a ceramic surface.  The warm-up is very fast and is ready to use the hair iron within 30 seconds. Secure the hair with a metal lifting clip, twist it and quickly rewind it.
Hair irons
have been a hit in recent years. You no longer need to worry about winding your hair with a troublesome hair iron, but the hair itself is pulled into a small ceramic tube, and after a few seconds, when an audible notification sounds, pull out the curls.  The result is regular and beautiful curls.   The manufacturer offers the ability to curl curls either to the right or to the left, so that they are uniform on both sides of the head. Or you can use these balls to choose the right temperature for your hair styling to avoid the possibility of overheating.
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Combined hair irons
These products combine hot air heating with classic heating. Using the different types of applicators included in the product, you can choose whether to use warm air or classic heating, by attaching the hair to the forceps.  Also, with brushes, these types have a wide choice, even 4 types with bristles and thorns of different sizes on the side of the brush.  Or it is suitable for the use of straightening brushes, which are also included in the set of combined balls.