Two of the most popular ways to make money online

In today\’s digital age, more and more paths are opening up for you to follow in life. If you decide to be a saleswoman for life, or work with a “companion shovel,” there is nothing wrong with that, and it is a necessary job. Consider the fact that we do not live in a slave society and that everyone is the master of his or her own life.
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Method #1 – Making Videos

There are people who make their living by entertaining and educating people with videos uploaded to YouTube, so-called “YouTubers. More and more artists are also using YouTube these days.
Here is a list of some of the most viewed:
Pew Die Pie – Entertainer
Smosh – Entertainer
Lindsey Stirling – Violinist
Good Mythical Morning (Rhett and Link) – entertainer
Roman Atwood – entertainer
– you see, the most successful artists are those who work for fun. I personally think there are already a lot of those people on the scene.
If you want to be one of these “youtubers” and make a name for yourself, grab a camera and film yourself having fun.
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Method 2 – Start a Blog

This method is not that different from the previous one. Unlike videos, articles will serve an educational purpose, but there are a handful of bloggers who write for the purpose of entertaining the masses.
How can we do this?
1. Decide carefully what to write aboutand write about what you enjoy most. There is no point in starting multiple blogs or having just one blog that does not focus on a particular issue.
2. create a domain. For example, you can use or, if you don\’t have much knowledge of web design, the service Both of these sites offer the option of creating a 3rd tier domain.
3. Start writingIt\’s really easy.