When Others Quit

A company is an eternal struggle with time, employees, customers, suppliers, unpaid bills, finances, time, and authorities. It is a struggle that is not always won by all. When an employee is not on shift, you are not on shift. Saturdays, Sundays, holidays. Business doesn\’t wait and competition is fierce. But not everyone can work for someone else. Someone has to make their own decisions, invest their own money, and have their own ideas that don\’t have to be approved by a boss. Often, technology and businesses are passed down in the family from generation to generation, and you are automatically expected to keep the company going.
podnikání a účetnictví

Ideal Time

The ideal time to start your own business was right after the velvet revolution. A previously unknown world was opened up, there was a thirst for products and goods that transcended national borders, businesses abroad began to take off, imports as well as exports became more active, and new technologies were created. Most of those who gained a position in the market during this period have held on to it to this day. Today, starting a business is not easy. The market is saturated and there is no industry or sector that is not covered. You need ideas, luck, and of course, money. Enthusiasm and dreams alone will never work!
prodávat nebo vyrábět

Are you playing with relationships?

What kind of boss are you? How do you treat your subordinates? What do you make your subordinates do and how far do you let them go in your company? As everywhere, natural authority works. You don\’t necessarily have to tickle your subordinates\’ fancy! You need to build a fair relationship based on trust and support. Unfortunately, finding the right candidate is not easy today, when the thirst for quality professionals is growing and in short supply. Salary levels are not the only concern today, as even employees are taking advantage of higher offers. Employees are looking for a variety of benefits, training opportunities, more vacation days, and a range of benefits and support. In some cases, it is worth the investment for the employee, while in others, you may quickly realize that it was a step in the wrong direction. They can turn to various employment agencies, but even here there are no guarantees or certainties.