Philips Hue: Discover the world’s best-selling lighting!

The bottom line?
Philips HUEis a technology related toremote controlof individualinterior lighting. In today\’s world, it is no longer necessary to use several different controllers, but simply use a simple app on a cell phone or tablet to experiment with color, intensity, and color spectrum, remotely dim, add light, turn off, and turn on.
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Lighting in the home is very important because it helps to evoke the right ambiance and change the mood.
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How does Hue work?
The “Bridge” system is connected to the home\’s Wi-Fi network, from which it can be controlled outside the home; LED bulbs, LED light strips, and lamps (up to 50 in total) – once connected to the “Bridge” – can be controlled by them.Lightscan be controlled individually or in groups(for example, an entire group of lights in one room). In addition to apps, controllers, dimmers, and motion sensors can also be used in this system. It is therefore suitable for customers of any age and can be learned by anyone.

What do you need?
A “starter kit” containing several LED bulbs is the basic kit. These are cordless, give off a warm, powerful light, are comfortable, and if they are RGB, you can choose any color from the spectrum of light. After testing ,individuallight sourcescan be purchased to expand the system.
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How do I get my system up and running?
After screwing the bulb into the chandelier/lamp , turn the light on with the main switch. Then plug “Bridgeinto the electricity and connect to home Wi-Fi.Download the app
, which is freely available in the App Store or Google Play Store, and connect to the “Bridge” as well. Then simply activate the system with the Philips Hue function.

Why Hue?
– A system that protects and makes your home more comfortable – controlling the outside of your home
– If you feel unwell (cold, warm), you can adjust the light to make you feel comfortable (cooler, warmer tones)
– Similarly, colors and intensities can be changed depending on one\’s mood
– Lights can be pre-set to turn on, off, dim, or otherwise vary at specific times of the day
– Alarms and alerts can also be set.
– A timer can be used to flash the house lights to let you know that dinner is cooking or it is time to go to bed
– Apps can also let you know when the weather is changing or when it is time for a study break