If it weren’t for cell phones

Nowadays, using cell phones has become a part of everyday life for everyone, even if we don\’t admit it. If we look at the earlier and the present times, we can see that there is a big difference. Just a few years ago, it was an invention that was not available to all, but only to the wealthy. People were more modest, appreciative of every little thing, gave love to those around them, talked more, and communicated more. Today, every person has a cell phone, and life without it is unthinkable.
mobil s notýskem
We are bombarded with advertising from all sides. People live only in virtual reality and forget about reality. Instead of enjoying the freedom and peace around us and the beauty of nature that surrounds us, people are rather absorbed in their cell phones. Most people no longer even fully enjoy the moment. Instead, they prefer to take out their pocket mobiles and take lots of selfies and post the best ones on social networks. People are always busy, unappreciative of everything, destroying everything, and always dissatisfied. Do you like that? Would you want to live in such a world? No? Then why don\’t you do something about it? We all have the right to happiness, we all have the right to love and freedom, we all have the same rights and responsibilities. I believe that in a few more years there will be another invention in this world that will undermine us all. I wonder if the inventors would have invented the cell phone if they had known the consequences. We all spend most of our time on our cell phones. Maybe we just don\’t want to admit it or accept it. Most people break up because they can\’t communicate normally, because they can\’t sincerely apologize, because they can\’t solve everyday problems together, and that is the problem. Face-to-face communication is at a standstill and will get worse.
motýli na květu
I agree that it is a device with many features, that it solves most things and makes our lives so much easier, but it is also quite destructive. Some people even become so addicted that they cannot go to the bathroom, go shopping, or go for a walk without their cell phone. I use my mobile phone primarily as a helper to deal with personal matters, not as a slave to hard work. Half of young children are more proficient with touch-tone cell phones than their parents or grandparents. In any case, mobile phones are such an integral part of everyone\’s life that it is hard to imagine life without them.”