Tricolora Launches Campaign for Government

Václav Kraus Jr.\’s commentary on the announced political program raises eyebrows, as it was not written for scientists and lobbyists, but for even postmistresses to understand. Shouldn\’t the Postmaster General be outraged? Or, on the other hand, should she be happy that someone finally wrote something for her? I\’ll leave that to her. Václav Kraus Jr. is a master of embarrassment. Before the last congressional elections, he was still wearing the colors of ODS and trying to position himself at the top of the list. At that time, his return to the ODS caused embarrassment among party members, let alone his candidacy; within the ODS, he was considered a loose cannon, but at the same time a well-known figure who could bring the votes he wanted in an election.Trikolora v růži.jpgBoth definitions were confirmed 100%: in the 2017 parliamentary elections, Václav Klaus Jr. received the absolute highest number of votes among all ODS candidates, surpassing the ODS chairman Petr Fiala by approximately 9 thousand votes and Jana Chernochová (perhaps the most successful Civic Democratic politician in recent times) by But just as expected, he did not stop expressing himself politically in his own unique way, often in total contradiction to the party\’s policies. The embarrassment did not abate, and the ODS leadership was constantly scrambling to explain Klaus\’ solo run in the media; it was only a matter of time before the paths of the ODS and the mischievous educator would part.Volební guláš.jpg
The following observations could not be further from the truth. Václav Kraus, Jr. needed an established political organization that was not so ideologically heterogeneous and had sufficient guarantees to cross the 5% threshold needed to enter the House of Representatives to pave the way for a senior political career. He had already tried to become a member of the ODS, and aside from some embarrassment, he felt quite supportive of returning to the party\’s pocket. His electoral victory may have been unexpected, but it boosted his self-esteem enough to stop trying to gradually rebuild the party in his (his father\’s) image. It has not yet been decided in what form he will dissolve his ODS party affiliation. A voluntary defection could confirm that he went all the way back to the party to carry out his plan. That is why he tirelessly filled the party cup with embarrassment, which gradually developed into an unresolvable dispute that overflowed the cup and forced the ODS leadership to dump this traitor. This decision also evoked nothing but embarrassment among party members and sympathizers. Václav Kraus, Jr. had paved the way for his own agenda.
The purpose of this essay is not to comment on or judge the political direction or program of Krauss\’s tricolore movement. In any political program, attractive quotes and promises lose their credibility when backed up by unreliable figures. Whether or not Václav Kraus, Jr. is a politically credible person is something that everyone should evaluate.