Civil Engineering Machinery

Earthmoving (construction) work refers to the various tasks that involve handling earth during construction, reconstruction, or rehabilitation. Soil is collected, piled, transported, spread, and compacted. The most common earthmoving machines are used for this purpose.

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§ Excavators

Excavators primarily move working tools to disturb and remove soil and deposit it in piles, tracks, or other destinations.

An excavator can have a variety of chassis. That is, it can be its own wheeled or tracked chassis, but it can also be mounted on a car, ship, rail, tractor, or “walk” using a flexibly adjustable chassis.
buldozer těžký stroj

§ Monitoring

These harvesters work on a tractor track chassis, with a plow (front or side) and a scarifier in the rear. Bulldozers are used to shovel and scarify unexcavatable soils as well as to level the construction area. The term “bulldozer,” a dozer with a plow hoe attached to the front, has become rather common in this country.

§ Scraper

Scrapers are also used to improve the quality of the surface of a site. They have a tractor chassis and use a plow-sickle knife to separate the soil while driving and dump it into a bucket. Once the bucket is filled with soil, it can be transported to the site or dumped while traveling. The hauling and dumping on the move forms a continuous, uniform belt.

§ Gridder [52]

This machine is used for precise land clearing, road maintenance on large construction sites, and even snow removal. The machine has a long frame, in the center of which the cultivator blade is rotatable.
Compaction roller


§ loader

Often have a wheeled chassis and scoop up soil and other granular materials (sand, gravel, slag, etc.) and load them onto an attached truck. They are simpler in design than excavators, but are equipped with several types of buckets (loading buckets). Then there are excavators, buckets, augers, buckets, cutters or claw loaders.

§ Rollers

Correctly called compaction machinery. Rollers are static and dynamic (vibratory) working tools. Rollers may be metal or rubber, and their surfaces may be smooth, grooved, or have various spikes.

This should give you at least a basic understanding of the machinery found on and around construction sites. We will cover them in detail another time.