Every woman wants to be liked. I am one of them. It would sound quite insincere if I said I don\’t care about jewelry. I do!
I like to go out somewhere and stand in front of my “my jewelry” and ponder what jewelry to match with my chosen outfit.
bahrajnské zlato.jpg
I don\’t want to get into what I think goes with what.
You would think that if you go to a jewelry store with a proven track record, they would offer something that would last you a year. Even if you don\’t pay $20,000 for a ring, but only $2,500, it is natural to expect a certain level of quality. After all, even for many people, ¥3,000 or less is enough.
However, even at this price, one must look carefully at the merchandise to avoid buying a “rabbit in the bag,” even if it is cheap for the saleswoman.
If you like rhinestones, concentrate on rhinestone-studded rings. But beware! Rhinestones do not last long on jewelry and are often lost. [It is not so unfortunate when glass falls off a necklace or earrings.
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I basically like jewelry without stones. Except for one thing. A bracelet in the shape of a snake. The head is all rhinestones, and it is irresistible. It\’s not made of gold.
I know that when you buy something new, you don\’t think about the fact that it might break after the warranty period, so you wonder if you can find a repair shop.
But these things do happen.
You may be enchanted by a beautiful gold earring and not think at the time how long it will last.
You were so absorbed in it that you didn\’t realize that you were changing the jewelry and it no longer looked sturdy.
After a while, you take it off your ear and replace it with something else, and suddenly it breaks.
The jewelry store where you bought the jewelry is no longer around, so you go somewhere else to have it repaired.
Unfortunately, the store will buy your gold, but they tell you that the jewelry is worn and not worth repairing because it is not particularly expensive.
You hold back imaginary tears and go try your luck elsewhere.
It\’s hard. Gold jewelry, like costume jewelry, wears out with wear. Costume jewelry wears out faster, but it is cheaper than precious metal jewelry and can be obtained in larger quantities.
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It is also easy to arrange and combine ordinary trinkets. However, even costume jewelry should not be junk. Bracelets can become ugly just from sweaty hands, and earrings can be stained. For this reason, it is advisable to choose a store that specializes in costume jewelry.
Be careful when choosing jewelry so that you don\’t buy jewelry you won\’t actually use. Don\’t be tempted by the lighting of an expert, and don\’t let it make you want something you have no use for.
But otherwise, go shopping and have fun mixing and matching.