Beauty all around

What does beauty mean to you? For some, beauty is always something else. To tell the truth, I am a painter and a painter who paints mainly plants and animals. I love it because I love painting because I was a little girl. Especially animals. And we lived in a village where they really had animals, so I painted the same animals over and over again. In the end, I improved it and it turned out that I can really draw a picture, that is, it looks almost like a picture. Everyone says it is beautiful. And I have to admit, I really like it, so I decided to keep it going.

Krása je všude kolem.

I also graduated from art school, and then I went to another club, I will be better and more perfect. I also wanted to work so that I could always have a fun and fulfilling job for myself. I didn\’t want a boring job and I would go to it to earn some money for rent. Because my plan is that my work will be very enjoyable and it will also fill me with euphoria. And I\’m also going to make a lot of money from it. So, in the end, it all turned out that I was a professional painter.

Děti mají rádi krásné věci.

And I\’m really busy because I work for three museums and two schools. How many times am I wondering if I overdo the job? But the picture is so beautiful that I also enjoy making people happy and I like it when people like my picture. I also did some portraits and everyone likes it. I draw portraits really beautifully, and I like that everyone admires me and everyone wants to paint my portrait. Since I\’ve been painting since I was little, I actually like it, so I don\’t think I\’ll make a mistake with the painting anymore. Try it yourself and see how beautiful a beautiful and relaxing picture is.