Is LED lighting really the best?

Energy-saving LED lights are popular for several very user-friendly reasons. LED lights are often used not only as light bulbs in the home, but also in the form of diodes, for example, in illuminated key chains or as part of children\’s toys. They are also used in the form of diodes, for example in illuminated key chains or as part of children\’s toys. But that is not the only advantage of LED lights. Many people don\’t realize it, but there is a dark side to these little wonders.svítící diody
Light smog
No one who likes to look at the stars will fail to notice this term. In fact, as the earth\’s population gradually (and now no less gradually) increases and cities grow in size, more and more lights are naturally used at night. Think, for example, of streetlights, signs for various businesses, or dim lights that are kept on in children\’s rooms at night so as not to frighten children. The key problem is that the light emitted from the lights is constantly spread out into space. The light from all the lights creates a kind of structure and can be represented by a map similar to the warmth of a building/city/nation/continent by its color scheme. In this way we can get a rough idea of the amount of light radiating overhead from our homes and streets. The amount of such light is increasing daily, resulting in the aforementioned difficulty in seeing stars and celestial objects, or sleep disturbances. It is only natural that humans sleep in the dark and are disturbed by ambient light. žárovkyOf particular note is the blue light emitted by cell phones and other similar devices, which many studies have shown to adversely affect sleep. In fact, such radiation “forces” our bodies to stay awake longer. The good news is that we can filter out this light from our cell phones or wear special glasses that have the same effect. But back to LED lights, since they are several times more powerful than regular lights, common sense leads us to conclude that LED lights are definitely not suitable in terms of light-induced smog.