Alzheimer’s disease is not just a disease of the elderly.

Let\’s go back to stressful lifestyles and inappropriate lifestyle habits. People are surrounded by modern technology and are moving away from living in harmony with nature. They are expected to perform at their best in order to compete and regard the words “humility, compassion, understanding, and empathy” as empty concepts.
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Alzheimer\’s disease has been called an insidious disease of unknown cause. However, the risk factors that trigger it are relatively well understood. Certainly genetic predisposition plays a role, but “faulty” genes can be gradually changed through positive thinking and a balanced lifestyle. Positive thinking brings positive emotions and has a healing effect that many people are unaware of its potential.
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Risk factors of civilization

Other risk factors for the development of Alzheimer\’s disease are high blood pressure, dangerous cholesterol levels, diabetes, smoking, prolonged alcohol consumption, inappropriate diet consisting of refined foods with inappropriate additives, vitamin B, zinc, carotenoids, anti oxidative vitamins, selenium, and boron deficiencies, impaired colon absorption capacity, synthetic drug intake, depression, and autoimmune disease. Consider this list of risk factors and you will see that they are just a common denominator of the ills of civilization. And these, of course, lead again to one cause: stress, negative thinking, and miserable lifestyles.
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Change your diet, change your life, change yourself

In one brief reflection, I heard some interesting words. Put down your cell phone and observe the silent world around you.” Planting a tree, growing your own carrots in a garden bed, will give people much more than a technological miracle. They will return to natural consumption of fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and legumes, and prefer fresh meals full of nutrients, enzymes, and antioxidants over fast food. Do you know how many nutrients are in a very ordinary walnut? If I knew that, I would definitely eat 20 walnuts a week. People who return to nature also return to themselves. They don\’t need alcohol, tobacco, or caffeine. They don\’t get depressed. At least, try to think of it that way.