Get Ready for Spring

With the arrival of spring comes a variety of certified maintenance shops offering special vehicle inspections. Škoda Auto is not resting on its laurels in offering services with its “Spring Service Inspection” event. This event has already become a tradition and the Škoda Auto brand holds this event every year. It is very popular among Škoda car owners.


So if you are a Skoda car owner, please take advantage of this unique opportunity to check the condition of your car and treat it with truly professional care and inspection. As part of this seasonal event, there are also attractive offers on selected Škoda Genuine Parts and Škoda Genuine Accessories.
The basis of the inspection is a 10-point car check. This will reveal everything that has been done to your car this winter. Once winter is over, the authorized Škoda Auto workshop will check the condition and level of the engine oil, the condition of the coolant and brake fluid, the functionality of the air conditioning, etc.

An experienced mechanic will diagnose the car and check the chassis, brake system, and functioning of the windshield wipers. As a bonus, if the front windshield wipers are replaced, a complimentary summer glass cleaning will also be provided.
In addition, you will receive up to a 25% discount on summer tires. This includes three years of Skoda Pneumatics. In addition, wheel changes and storage of winter wheels can be easily arranged.

During the spring service event, you can also get a special discount of up to 15% on Skoda Genuine Parts and Skoda Genuine Accessories. If you are looking to purchase high-quality accessories and add-ons, such as roof carriers or bike carriers, you will benefit from this economical advantage.


ŠKODA E-shop also offers a wide range of offers including special prices. From the comfort of your own home, you can select accessories and add-ons that are truly high-quality, tested, and safe.
The recommended inspection price is CZK 249. If you do not dare to inspect your Skoda yourself, please contact your local Skoda authorized service center. It is a matter of course to take care of it!