How to Heal the Wounds of a Broken Heart

You know the situation where you are in love and you are wearing rose-colored glasses with blinders on, but unfortunately the glasses shatter after a while. For example, when a partner betrays you and breaks up with you.

You are heartbroken, sad, keep thinking about him and can\’t stop. You keep expecting him to write to you, to apologize, to say he is sorry. But that is a fundamental mistake. You have to pick yourself up and move on. To learn how to do that, read this article.

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First tip – trash all material memories

It is often said that what goes out of your eyes also goes out of your mind. Sure, it\’s not perfect, and it will definitely take time to learn to live with the pain, but it\’s good to not be reminded of it. So, for example, throw all the material memories and gifts he gave you on your anniversary in the trash.

Second tip – a final goodbye

If you are having unusual feelings that make you want to write him every minute and can\’t stop thinking about him Take advantage of something simple. Actually write him a letter with everything you want to write to him, be it words of hate or declarations of how much you love him. The difference with a traditional letter, however, is that you burn the letter instead of sending it to him. This way, you create a kind of imaginary end point, which may help.

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Third tip

Write down on paper the pros and cons of your relationship. Recall any times he has hurt you, oppressed you, or used mean words. This is not the person you want in your life. Or maybe you

Fourth tip – wedge in another wedge

Some people also say it is best to heal old hurts and wounds with new acquaintances or people. Some find it helpful, others do not. Anyone who likes to take risks and is willing to try it, and anyone who is already desperate, can do so, but this advice is personal.