How can you not worry about your car?

Cars are difficult to understand. Sometimes they want something from us that we don\’t know. Sometimes it breaks down suddenly after having been running fine up to that point. That is what happens in tribute. On the other hand, it is great that women as well as men clean their cars, run them through a car wash, and vacuum them. There are several people who take great care of their cars. You don\’t want to come to a car that is messy, smelly, and doesn\’t even have a place to sit.


But back to the point. It\’s good to take good care of your car, not just wash it, etc. What do I mean by that? I think every one of us has done something stupid that didn\’t do the car any favors.

A) Have you left the engine running after starting it?

This is an important question. In the past, and perhaps still today, many people make one mistake. As soon as they start their car engine, they try to get on the road. This is not the best approach. Start the engine and wait for the engine to warm up, at least for a while. This causes serious damage to the valve train.


B) How do you brake downhill?

Brakes are an absolutely essential part of a car. If you break them while driving, you are in trouble. Let\’s focus on a long downhill. You must have wondered why the driver in front of you keeps hitting the brakes on a downhill and why he does not proceed. Or conversely, why is that driver going so fast down the hill? A driver who keeps braking on a downhill to avoid speeding up slowly simmers on his brakes. Braking for a long time puts a lot of strain on the brakes. On the other hand, drivers who roll downhill do not brake. They brake, but they brake harder for shorter periods of time to prevent the brakes from overheating. The brakes just need a break to cool down and rest. If you don\’t give them this leeway, assume that the destroyed brakes are simply due for replacement and will see service soon.

Knowing how to treat your car and how to extend its life will prevent disappointment on the road.