What will mankind be like in a million years?

The location of the continents and the hours of daylight will remain the same as today, but the human form will change very radically. The changes will be significant, but still unrecognizable. Research on the evolution of the human body and appearance focuses on the intrusion of technological inventions into the body and further examines the possibility of a dramatic increase in lifespan. The effects of virtual reality, the availability of new energy sources, the use of computers to merge the human mind, and the possibility of human diffusion into space are explored.
žena ve virtuálním světě
Already today, it is observed that the distinction between biological and synthetic entities is beginning to blur. New hybrid types of robots, composed of both biological and synthetic materials, are being invented.

From the point of view of physics, major problems regarding the operation of the earth may be solved, but this will only lead to new problems. It is very likely that there is indeed a definition of a unified theorem of physics that absolutely illuminates all the laws and directions of physics. Einstein\’s 1915 Theory of Relativity is an example of this, and he would also dream up a new description of gravity. At this point, it became possible to address questions about the origin of the universe that had been impossible with previous knowledge and theories. Kepler spent ten years on the question of why the earth is 150 million kilometers from the sun. We now know that the distance is merely coincidental
lidé a měsíc
lidé a měsíc
The concept of a million years may be abstract, but consider the accelerating pace of life and technological development. In a given year, most of today\’s technological problems will have been solved.

Unlike us, it is impossible to determine exactly what the human body will look like, what it will be able to do, or what it will be unable to do. This is because the slow evolution of the human body corresponds to the changing conditions of life on earth. The slogan “survival of the fittest” is not entirely accurate.
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An example of this is the brown rabbit in the field. Logically, it is at a disadvantage compared to other rabbits because its constitution makes it an easy prey for predators to see. At the moment of the long cold and frost, the fields were covered with snow, and the white rabbit would be at an advantage because, despite not being so large in strength and stature, it was able to blend into it. Despite not being so large in strength and stature, they were able to blend into the snowfield. If the icy season lasted for several decades, the brown coat would be replaced by white.

In the case of humans, on the other hand, it is clear that they are still growing taller and their feet are increasing in size. Thus, we can have a basic idea of the proportions of the body in a million years.