The World of Children’s Fashion

Do you hear the same thing every day? They ignore the clothes you have prepared for them and try to convince you in the bitter cold that there is no need to bring a hat, scarf, or gloves, because it is sunny outside. If so, believe me. For some of us, this time of defiance and asserting our opinions is just around the corner; for others, it has already passed, and for some, it is just around the corner. However, children never get tired of it.
krásné děti

Girls tend to be particularly rebellious about their clothing, even earlier than boys. Little girls try to look like big girls, and it is sometimes entirely unnecessary to explain to them that it doesn\’t really suit them. Leaving the apartment in the morning and arriving at school or work on time is tantamount to a superhuman feat.

You may then ask yourself if you really are an undeveloped parent who doesn\’t understand your child at all, full of incomprehension and misunderstanding. If you are a teenager, you are at an age where you are trying to fit in somewhere and experimenting with different fashions, so it is somewhat predictable. But do we expect children who have barely graduated from kindergarten to solve this problem? Times are changing, and children are maturing and trying to assert themselves again faster than we would like. Sometimes it is not easy to fit in with a new group, and sometimes all you need to do is wear the right clothes.
děti na lavičce

Infants don\’t protest no matter what they are dressed in. It\’s a happy season for us. Quality and purpose matter. And what we like.

As children get older, they begin to look around and become more aware of what is happening around them. And little girls stubbornly try to wear skirts and dresses, even when playing in the sand. Such days go on and on. How can we get through these situations in a healthy way? By letting our children have a little freedom to choose appropriate, colorful, and comfortable clothing, and by accepting that we ourselves may not like everything.