Second Date Scarecrow

Have you found a great guy or girl, but the first date is already over Are you looking forward to the second date, but feeling anxious? The evolution of the first date may give you an idea of what to expect on the next date. What should you do and how should you behave so that this date doesn\’t end in a fiasco? Let\’s find out in this article!
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You\’ve run out of topics to talk about
It goes without saying that if you don\’t feel anything for the person or don\’t see a future with him, there is no need to force yourself to pass this date. Nevertheless, the progress of the first date may affect the second. If you waited too long for us to slip up and say goodbye, and in the process confided almost every serious topic you could seriously discuss in company, you probably have no more conversation material left now and are trying to think of something else to avoid the awkward silence. Save ideas for discussion because you don\’t know if they will be useful next time.
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Intimate Messages

It is quite normal for many couples to write a few messages before meeting, even if they are intimate. These two have strayed into the realm of intimacy and will be silent and distant from each other on dates as if nothing had happened. Avoid this. It is better not to contact each other now, much less write irritating messages. This will make you enjoy each other\’s company more, and you may end up with something.

Talk about ex-lovers

Remind each other of past loves. Never do this. By talking about an ex-lover, you risk that they will dress up and leave and you will never hear from them again. Worst-case scenario. Worst case scenario, they ignore you for days. No one enjoys hearing you talk about how beautiful and sexy your ex was. Nor will they be pleased to hear you tell her that your last girlfriend had bigger boobs.
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Annoying trifles

She talks all the time and you are bored. Nail biting, crooked teeth, exaggerated vocalizations-these are the things you are paying the most attention to right now. You wonder if you can get past it, or if you should hesitate to see the acquaintance again next time, or end the relationship immediately. At this stage, the entire encounter often does not go very well.

Leaked Memories

A tragic fiasco can occur the moment an acquaintance proves to have zero knowledge of your person from the first date. At this point, you clearly do not want to see that person again, and when the opportunity to break up with them presents itself, you immediately choose to do so. You then cut off all contact with that person.

Time for sex?

The icing on the cake is good sex; if you decide that a passionate evening on a second date would be ideal, you try to bring it up in conversation. The problem is when it becomes clear that they either don\’t want it or you are too shy to bring it up. You can\’t make up for it, but at the same time you don\’t want to talk about it too much because it\’s a sensitive topic. There are two possible outcomes to this date. Either way, neither will be very pleasant.