American Education

the United States requires the education of children. There are certainly a large number of public schools, further divided into federal, state and local.
štít kapitána ameriky
U.S. children start school most often at the age of 5 or 6. With us it is 6 or 7 years old. In most cases, the American school year begins in late May 8 or early May 9. After entering school, children are registered in the annual group, which in our country is called a year or class. Education begins in kindergartens, continues in general schools and ends in secondary schools, which end at 12. Year. Students most often progress together in the following year, yet as one class. After the end of the school year, some children will still stay in the same school year, some will continue further, and the most talented may skip the higher school year.
You can see that in most cases the serial number is used to indicate the year.
As in our country, the results of exams and tests are recorded in student books throughout the year. In the United States, the difference is that the number of points achieved is also recorded. It\’s hard to say if this is beneficial, because if you fail the test and you have a really low score, you probably don\’t want your parents to find out. However, parents can access student grades practically at any time, mainly through the Internet, and electronic student books can be accessed with login and password.
The grade is determined by the rules of the school. However, most often there are ratings from A to F
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Schools in the US have different rules and customs than schools in the Czech Republic. For example, the school for students begins already at 8:45. One lesson lasts about 55 minutes, and the break is up to 7 minutes shorter. Many schools have the same schedule every day, so they have the same subjects as yesterday.
One such quirk is the strong emphasis on discipline in secondary school.1 It is perfectly normal to encounter the camera in all corners. Thanks to them, all problems are recorded, everything is reported to the police, and the police often live in schools.
It\’s really interesting, and it definitely has its pros and cons. Judge for yourself.