Politicians are far from ideal

Every country should elect politicians of whom it can be justly proud. And should also be proud of them.

They should. However, as I look around me, I wonder what it would be like in our country. Very often there is a marked difference between the ideal situation described above and reality.

What politicians I see in this political Olympus. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, but overall it is a rather unflattering picture.

mo┼żnost volby

To me, they are first and foremost either complete economic unscientists or people trying to lead us all into financial hell. Whether profligate rulers or supposedly thrifty rulers, these rulers will only drag us deeper and deeper into debt. And if it is clear that one day someone will not be able to repay these debts, it will be them. They earn enough to be able to flee the country when the going gets tough. And on average, they repay more than they earn in a year for their existence.

Some politicians lie. That should not happen. If they do lie, at least they should not lie about things that directly affect us, the public.

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And of course, politicians sometimes steal. In other words, they divert. They are human beings, so it may not be unusual, but when they do, they should be punished. And how many have ended up in prison? I want you to remember.

We simply have terrible political representation and shameful nomenclature. It was true in communist times, and it is true today. And though we voters often defend ourselves by saying that we chose the people we unfortunately chose because we had no better choice, there is a solution. And we should be able to enforce them. At the very least, we should be able to ensure that only a proportion of politicians are elected in proportion to voter turnout. Politicians might feel a little better if they knew that if half the population did not vote, half the number of politicians would be elected. And it will not happen that those who are the worst of the worst, the one-eyed kings among the blind, will find themselves in the valley.