Long-term relationships with irreversible consequences?

Not all long-lasting relationships come to an end. The opposite is also true. Being with a partner for a long time allows us to get to know each other better, to know in advance what they say, how they act, what they like and what they don\’t like. But that doesn\’t mean that something else in the relationship won\’t surprise us! Let\’s leave aside the horror scenes where your partner falls in love with a 20-something woman who is, at best, your grown daughter and cannot compete with you on age. It\’s called a desirable surprise!ona a on se objímají při západu slunce, romantika.png
Let\’s not deprive ourselves of a relationship just because we are alone together. First, gradually get used to the fact that your daughter or son will no longer come home late at night, that there will be no one to wait on you, that there will be no one to heat up dinner, that the washing machine will not run as often, that there will be piles of unironed laundry on the table, that there will be no one to argue with or laugh about silly things with. We\’ll get used to it.
Perhaps we have been living our children\’s lives too much. We were always “on call” – mom, dad, call, arrange, go, buy, pick up, etc. – and we never had time to enjoy ourselves. We had no hobbies, and everything was prioritized for the family and for the children. And suddenly, our care was no longer needed.
The children left the nest, devoted themselves to their partners, began furnishing their own apartments, and there was no time for us. If you don\’t contact them, they don\’t contact you. They don\’t take offense and they still love you. They are just trying to cut the familiar umbilical cord. It is their new independent life from now on.šťastný usmívající se na sebe manželský pár u moře.jpg
But actually, so are you. You are the only two people left. What are you going to do? Now that you have more time, spend it with each other. Find a common hobby. Grab it by the scruff of the neck and take a chance! Do something you\’ve thought about for a long time and follow your dreams. Surprise each other and be kind and considerate. Repeat a first date, get a massage together, do something you\’ve never done before, such as a romantic sunset picnic, or do something you just want to do. Remove the gray from the walls of your life and paint them bright yellow, devilishly seductive red, or iridescent.
Bring the sun back into your relationships.