Exactly, both parties can worry about day-to-day work issues. It is both the employee and the employer. The manager wants to “run the business,” as it is commonly referred to. Contracts to be undertaken, deadlines to be met, head penalties for not meeting promised deadlines to customers, invoices to be issued, reviews to see if they have been paid, unreliable employees, and the bureaucracy that is called any office. Too many to keep an eye on every day, who owns it, who makes decisions, who sets clear rules.
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Often we want to accommodate our people, give them higher wages, provide other benefits, and not be so strict. Sometimes this is not possible! It has always been the case that employees should know who their supervisors are! A collegial approach can sometimes be beneficial, but there must be clear boundaries that are off limits to those below you. If you start playing tennis or goofing off with your subordinates, it will be hard for them to turn you down when you ask for a raise, etc. Be tolerant and respectful of those who help you on a daily basis, but always keep an imaginary wall and protect the territory beyond it.

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Are you an employee?13]

Every day we hear the cries of working people. How poor they are, how many jobs they have to do on a regular basis, how wages are so high that no one wants to work. Maybe that is true, but then why not change it? Why don\’t we try to change it for the better? Are we comfortable? Do we think that if we talk, we will open up? Then nothing will change! On the other hand, sometimes the cries of employees are justified. The deplorable financial and social situation should be a wake-up call to the owners themselves that they can\’t go on like this! In this day and age, when people are literally starving for more jobs, this is just another finger pointed at the employer! Many professionals are parting ways as better offers arrive from competitors. Solve the problem with those below you, listen to them, and take an objective view of whether their cries are justified.