I want this, he wants that…

if you, if you think about the monumentsof that time, don\’t you think that perhaps from the beginning our politicians have adapted democracy in their own way? And many people have taken their cue from the actions of our politicians.

During the First Republic, our ancestors lived in democratic states. Just as in the West. There were rich and poor. There were quite large class differences. This is normal in capitalism. After World War II we began to live in socialism with communism as the dominant force. And as for the division into Eastern and Western blocs of countries after World War II,why it happened,who decided,

why socialism existed

, why the communists and the Russian army [22 , and nothing should be distorted , as people today should be reminded precisely according to history .
Praha, Letná

We have a beautiful country, wise and free citizens. We live in peace, some rich, some poor, some homeless. [We have free elections and the rule of law.However, some parties in our country\’s political arena, especially in recent years, seem unable to accept defeat. Instead of proposing a realistic and quality debate on the law, they prefer to claim that they are the only democrats orliberal democrats and that the other parties currently in power are only threatening democracy. Especially these disputes occurred after the direct election of the president.

Now we are again in a peculiarly CzechCzech-style democracy

And everything is again mostly about power and money. It\’s the same old song. Because many people have not yet learned to live in a democracy. Because if they cannot follow their own ideas, democracy already seems to be in danger,sad, tragic, or ridiculous.

And in fact, what most Czechs want. What they want. What kind of democracy. In 1968, when President Antonin Novotny resigned, those born before that time, Alexander Dubcek (who was in the leadership of the Czechoslovak Communist Party in 1968) promised all Czechoslovak citizensa true democratic socialism with a human face I remember well the statement. And that was exactly what the majority of the people wanted at the time.
svobodné volby

Come to think of it, such a new all-round liberal democracywould suit the majority of the Czech people would suit the majority of the Czech people? But which of them supports social democratic policies? Only elections can decide everything.