How to choose a cell phone?

In recent years, cell phones have become rapidly popular. As a result, the current market offers a wide selection of smart cell phones. The flood of different features and parameters is so overwhelming that it is easy to get lost.
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1. Know what you want in a cell phone

Do you need a large screen, a small display, or a physical keyboard? You may be looking for a phone with a great camera, or you may just want a compact communicator that fits in your pocket. These parameters will then largely determine the entire selection process. Invest time and write down on paper the desired specifications.
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2. Price range

Determine your financial options for purchasing a phone. iPhones are usually more expensive than Android. Among cell phone manufacturers, Apple and Samsung are the most expensive; LG, Motorola, Huawei, and other Chinese brethren tend to produce lower-priced phones.

But don\’t be fooled by sophisticated marketing. It is possible to get a solid smartphone on a low budget. Low-priced smartphones can now be purchased for as little as a few thousand dollars. Be sure to read real user reviews before you buy.

3. Choosing a Cell Phone Operating System

There are basically four types of cell phone operating systems: Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows. Windows and Blackberry are on the decline and developers are moving away from them. So I\’m only mentioning two behemoths: Android and iOS.

Apple\’s iPhone runs on the iO operating system. iOS phones are generally less customizable than Android. However, they tend to be more user-friendly, and the most popular apps appear first. They are also arguably better in security and innovation.

Having experienced both systems, I can recommend Apple. However, I admit that there are two sides to every coin.