How to get rid of acne?

Not everyone is born with smooth skin. Some people develop acne because of genetics or simply because of inadequate or unsuitable skin care. Acne is the most common skin disease; in short, if you look around your neighborhood, chances are that a significant number of people have acne. Studies show that the incidence of this disease ranges from 85-100%, which is not a low number. Of course, this can be taken to mean that acne does not necessarily occur all over the face and for a long period of time. In short, at least 85% of people have had acne on their face at some point.


There are several possible factors as to why acne occurs. They include heredity, poor skin care, stress, hormones during puberty and other times of life, and various physical changes. Acne may also be caused by certain medications. The factors are truly endless, as the frequency of occurrence of this disease is very high. So how can one eliminate acne?

There are various ointments and oils that are applied to damaged skin, for example, twice a day. Seeing a dermatologist for acne is a good idea. A dermatologist will know which ointment or oil will suit you best, depending on your skin type. Many people suffering from acne go to an esthetician, but the esthetician\’s treatment usually does not bring good results. The biggest mistake is to push out the acne, which is really what happens with estheticians.

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Acne can be treated with various lasers, or the number one treatment on the market these days is the ultrasonic spatula, which you can get and have it done in the comfort of your own home. While the spatulas have received positive reviews, some may still not be comfortable with them because we are all different and simply have different skin.

The last thing I would mention is drug treatment. Certainly, there are medications that can cure acne, but again, everyone\’s skin is different, so you need to examine your options.