How to Find Excellent Employees

There is no recipe for finding the best employee. A person who will be loyal to you for several years will not cause any problems to anyone, will be satisfied with the work and work to the maximum. Spending enough time to choose the right one is essential and it pays to take your time. But what should you focus on when choosing?

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The criteria by which the right recruiter makes a decision are a huge amount. It will certainly not fit into a single article. But we will mention some good and simple advice. First of all, you need to pay attention to everything that candidates and new recruits do. If he arrives on time, or a little earlier, how will he answer and respond to the question? Can you imagine the clothes, punctuality, or reaction of the candidate in the operation of your company? In any case, most candidates will be average. Some candidates are better in several ways, it\’s up to you to consider whether you want someone special to your team or will it work well with the rest of the company or will it fit into your team? If you have a team of average people, a new employee will never fit and a certified long-time employee can start leaving for it. Therefore, it is desirable to choose according to how much the candidate will fit in your team.

An important selection criterion is the motivation of the applicant. Do enough analysis. If you hire an employee who works for you for good financial gain, it means that soon he will find a more favorable offer and leave you The ideal motivation of the candidate is enthusiasm, a vision of meaning, or the pleasure of the field or agenda in which he/she works.
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If you hire a bad employee, it will reveal itself already during his first hours of work. If you find yourself at odds with other employees immediately after the first day, it\’s time to take action immediately. They may also be angry, tired or distracted from the first moments of work. If you are doing everything possible to get a good lesson, and someone is paying attention to it from the beginning, and the new employee seems dissatisfied, it is best to let go of your hand and fire the employee before he can do harm by causing his inattention or interpersonal conflict.