Even seniors choose mingle

Mingles is a relationship between two partners who live together but do not cohabit. In principle, it serves both of them. They want to stay together despite the problems, but they do not want to divorce. In this case in particular, even a mingles relationship can be beneficial. The partners agree to live separately and visit each other on designated days of the week. Similarly, they agree on events to attend together and, if desired and interested, decide on days of the week to have sex together.
partneři na dovolené u moře
This does not mean that the partners stay for lunch or dinner after an evening together. He or she goes to his or her apartment after breakfast. There is no major cooking, laundry, cleaning, or ironing. Everyone stays quietly in their own apartment. However you arrange it, that\’s how you do it. The basis of the exchange is peace and quiet. There is no stress. Everyone does what they want on their own time and the other partners do not interfere. There are no arguments or regrets about coming home late from work or preferring work to home. No one ever complains if you come home from the pub early in the morning. No one will greet you at the door when you return home elated after celebrating with friends until dawn.
naštvaná partnerka
Mingle is especially popular with seniors who don\’t want to be alone but don\’t want to move and change their habits; obviously it is difficult for someone who has lived alone for 10 years to get used to having other people in his apartment every day. He already has limited time, he is no longer free to do the things he is accustomed to, and his hobbies will fall by the wayside as his partner may demand his attention. That is why he chose Mingle, unaware that this is a modern trend. They live in their own homes, visit each other\’s homes, and vacation together. That is what they do for each other. As a general rule, the elderly no longer want to change their habits; they want to be able to live in their own homes.