How do you deal with toxic people around you?

People around us are different, everyone has a slightly different worldview, everyone has a different self-expression, but most importantly, everyone is slightly differently sensitive to stimuli from their surroundings. If you are one of those sensitive people who find that a single conversation with a negative person can make your day exhausting, then you are right.ilustrace konfliktu
Be it the eternal complainer, the self-pitying person, the argumentative woman, or the jealous uncle. We are likely to encounter all of these on a daily basis, and such people are often harmful to us just by existing. If you truly feel that someone is sucking the life out of you, the first step is to be able to admit it. The second step is the individual. You have to be ready to put on your armor in this situation and listen with one ear and one ear to what that person has to say. If one is not prepared, the only correct step is to avoid such a person.
That\’s right. We are taught and imbibed the opposite by our parents from an early age, but it is not our duty to always be sociable and pleasant with everyone. You are free to choose, and if your toxic element is not, for example, a customer you have to serve, it is possible to silence and limit that person in your life, almost like Instagram.
You have to acknowledge that that is not a bad thing. Even if that person is, say, your family member, it makes no difference. You do not need negativity in your life! But this applies to you as well. Just because you have “limited” someone in your life does not mean that you need to harbor passive-aggressive resentment toward that person. On the contrary, accept that fact and rejoice that you are a free person with a choice.přemýšliví muž
You may find that after a while, once you have distanced yourself from the problematic individual, your contact with that person becomes less painful. But at the very least, you will be freed from the sense of freedom that comes from the very realization that you are the one who decides who you will and will not associate with!