A visionary Tesla

Nikola Tesla unfortunately did not receive enough recognition for his work during his lifetime. This is often the case with excellent people. The mysterious “Lord of Lightning” finally died alone.

Nikola Tesla

His inventions are used every day

Tesla patented more than two hundred inventions. We use a lot in our lives every day. Like radio or remote control. The most famous are AC electric motors or Tesla transformers and turbines. Today, electric motors are a product that is increasingly used in the automotive industry. Electric vehicles on the road are increasing. Tesla also developed radar and hovercraft.

teslův transformátor

Lightning Energy

In the Colorado Mountains, he founded a workplace with the help of a wealthy friend. The laboratory worked on the study of lightning energy. He intended to convert the great power of lightning into energy for human use. Power was supposed to be routed wirelessly. His Wardenclyffe project began with the construction of a 60-meter-high tower on Long Island. It was then that the distribution of energy from lightning was to take place. And it\’s free! After the discovery of Marconi was made public, the project\’s backers stopped funding it. Unfortunately, he was stopped.

Tesla Visionaries

However, Tesla was engaged in other projects. 1 of them was the so-called ray of death. He intended to provide them to the US government, the army in the fight against German fascists. He also developed flying machines powered by electromagnetic fields.

Very interesting was his statement in front of representatives of the press in 1911. Then he told reporters in detail what his flying machine would look like. It was supposed to move at tremendous speed and still very safe, without the help of wings and propellers. He also said that he would be able to stand in the air and change direction arbitrarily and immediately during the flight. He also envisioned the future production of devices with their own intelligence. And that their arrival would cause a revolution.

This genius argued that his brain is only the recipient of information. That all knowledge, inspiration and power contain the core located in the universe!