Get your car ready in time for vacation

Now it\’s vacation time.Yes, an early pleasure for some, but most people know that. Last year\’s vacation preparations were also rushed and mostly argument-provoking in style, with important matters being dealt with at the last minute. Especially when we were driving to our dream resort all by ourselves. The customary decision that next year would no doubt be prepared quite differently was thus once again in jeopardy.

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“Take it easy”and enjoy your vacation from start to finish. You don\’t need the extra stress, and just driving to a sunny resort or high in the mountains is an experience in itself. As long as you don\’t leave the preparation until the last minute again.

So here are a few infamous tips to make your car trip to vacation a little easier.

  1. Inspect your car: Many people use their cars every day, but just a few miles on a familiar route to and from is different. On holidays, not only is the trunk full, but the car is subjected to unexpected strain.
  • Battery condition and proper charging
  • Engine condition Oil
  • Wipers and their proper function
  • Wiper condition Mirrors and bodywork
  • Proper adjustment of lights (not forgetting turn signals and fog lights)
  • Exhaust pipes and connections (at least visually)
  • Check and top off air conditioning
  • Coolant and brake fluid levels
  • Check brakes
  • Check tire pressure

Some work may seem too early. On the contrary, if your car needs servicing, even repaired defects should be apparent before a long trip. Also, checking the hydraulic fluid just before departure will give you peace of mind if you know that the fluid has not decreased over time.

  1. Check paperwork and insurance. Finding out the day before you leave that your driver\’s license just expired a month ago is not an ideal start to a well-deserved vacation. And yet, almost every day we put our papers and car documents where we can see them. And finding them is a matter of minutes:
  • Driver\’s license and national ID card expiration dates
  • Vehicle Registration Card Expiration Date and Mandatory Vehicle InsuranceValidity of Vehicle Insurance
  • Validity of Supplementary Insurance for You and Your Crew\’s International Travel

  1. Foreign traffic rules and changes. It is definitely worth taking the time to learn about the traffic rules in your destination country. Butalso go through the countries you intend to “just” pass through. Ignorance is no excuse, and the various regulations, vehicles and crew equipment are governed by clear rules in the country concerned. It also doesn\’t hurt to look into the penalties that may be imposed for violations. Believe me, some countries take great care to follow them.

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And you are ready. Traffic jams and congestion are already part of the “folklore” of holiday car travel. There is nothing we can do about it. But the certainty of car reliability and the ability to arrive at our destination happily without the stress and strain of not knowing what to expect relaxes our minds and allows us to enjoy the view of new and unknown landscapes.