Are you interested in politics?

Politics is unfortunately part of our livesand we should have a strong interest in politics. And we should do so based solely on the facts, not emotionally. We should watch what politicians do, how they treat us, and how they keep their campaign promises. Most importantly, we should get out to vote. Many people do not realize that politics affects them more than they admit. Politics affects our daily lives. Politics determines what we eat, where we work, where we live, how much we earn, and finally, how we punish ourselves. How is it possible that you don\’t understand how this is possible? It\’s simple. We elect our representatives, who draft and pass laws, ordinances, and other legal documents that are binding on all of us. Laws regarding civil registration, government regulations regarding minimum wages: …… There are laws for everything, which is why the legal system is so opaque and so few people understand it. There is an enormous amount of legislation, and it is devilish to keep track of it all.

máme na výběr

When we choose a party that promises something, we usually only take from their promises what we agree with, need, or like. But all the good talk masks the problems that the party brings to the table. So we vote for that party. Because we all want to make lots of money and have freedom in everything. And what happens after the election? The winning party forgets what it promised and does whatever it wants. That party rules until the next election, and the people re-elect the same party despite their dissatisfaction. Seems logical, doesn\’t it? No one would think so, but that is exactly what is happening. People can\’t put two and two together or they don\’t know who is whispering sweet nothings just to get elected.

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Think about it,
you went to the polls and didn\’t vote for the wrong people? Then why do those people rule us? Someone has to vote for them. The results of the last few elections at the various Republican levels confirm the low voter turnout and people\’s general apathy toward politics. It is strange because people can be beaten up in pubs over politics, have friendships and families destroyed, and be killed over politics, and yet no one cares.