End-of-Season Lawn Mower Maintenance

Once the season is over, you need to prepare not only to winterize your yard, but also to prepare the people who will help you care for it. 7]Lawn mowersare one of the main workers that will do the yard work for you. If you give your lawn mower adequate maintenance, you can avoid many problems and the expense of its removal. Plus, when you open the barn door in the spring, you will find a tidy lawn mower peeking out, ready to work again. Sometimes you don\’t even need to go to an expensive garage, as you can often do it yourself.
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Lawn mower maintenance should not be underestimated. Good maintenance at the end of the season will not only extend the life of your mower by many years, but it will also avoid the hassle of the machine stalling when you start it up in the spring, prevent corrosion that will slowly eat away at your mower, and save you from paying a lot of money for subsequent repairs at the repair shop. To make your mower last as long as possible, you need to take proper care of it, not only during the season, but especially at the end of the season, before putting it into hibernation. So what should you do?
Clean the mower properly
Thoroughly remove grass, sediment, and dirt from the mower before winterizing. Grass can also stick to the bottom of the chassis, so brush it off. The gearbox area under the plastic cover should also be cleaned to prevent grass from corroding it.
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During the winter months, fuels containing biological components should be drained. These are unstable, combine with water, gel and clog the fuel system. If gasoline is left in the mower for several months, the unwanted components can clog the carburetor, making subsequent cleaning difficult.
Lubricate moving parts
Lubricating moving parts is often neglected, but this can lead to reduced mobility, premature wear and tear, and reduced mower life. Therefore, lubricate all moving parts with appropriate oil or petroleum jelly.
Filter Maintenance

Air filters should also be cleaned or replaced regularly.
Sharpening the blades [23].
The blade is an important part of the mower. Stones and stumps often dull the blades, greatly reducing their sharpness. Therefore, it is necessary to sharpen the blades with an angle grinder at the end of the season. It is also important to balance the mower so that it does not beat or vibrate unnecessarily.
Storage [25].
It is also important for the mower to be placed in a suitable location and to keep everything tidy before a long winter. Place the mower in a dry place for the winter to avoid the effects of corrosion. This way, you can use the mower again in the spring.