5 travel apps that should not be missed on your phone.

We do not admit to lie and book purely “blind” and even the biggest adventurers who travel voluntarily are at least once used. And neither. You can choose from a plethora of filters such as location, room facilities, hotel facilities, prices, distance from the centre and public transport. Whether you\’re planning a trip in advance, just arrived, or looking for the right accommodation, booking is a natural choice.
cestování ve městě
Tripadvisor can be used as an app or as a website. It is a trusted review site where you can learn basic information about where you are going to go. In addition to the exact location, there are overall ratings, photos, price classes, contacts, weather forecasts, etc. There are quite a few reviews on Tripadvisor, so you have the opportunity to get more opinions from non-critical users. In addition to all kinds of sights, you can find hotels, restaurants, cafes and even flights.
google Translateシ
is an application that translates text from a foreign language to your own language. Currently, it is one of the best translators and can translate spoken, written and even taken texts.
Foursquare City Guide
Foursquare, as its name suggests, is a guide to the city, but you can also find places that are not located directly in the city. The application allows you to get a good photo of the place, both on the map and in the ranking, according to reviews that often insert users put photos, as well as cafes, restaurants and clubs, as well as other attractions of your designated city or region.
mobilní cestovní aplikace
WiFi Maps
This application will certainly come in handy if you do not have unlimited mobile data or do not travel to places where they are not very affordable. WiFi map provides information about available WiFi networks in your area, including passwords. Thus, you can get rid of the stress that offline mode on the go interferes with anything to you.
You will try some of these apps on your next trip, or you already have them all.