Cleaning without a care in the world

Are you the type of woman who likes to keep everything in the home in order? Before holidays like Easter and Christmas, you may be able to devotemore time

to your loved ones. These days, even near small towns and villages, it is possible to find companies that can help with major or minor cleanups of apartments or family homes. Just as a company can arrange for a large scale cleaning, you can arrange for a cleaning as well.

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And you don\’t have to spend a fortune. Of course, it depends on what you are cleaning. While everything can be expensive, these cleaning services are mostly affordable. Prices for cleaning range from 80,000 CZK to 350,000 CZK per hour. Some companies offer rates based not only on the number of hours, but also on the size of the apartment and the number of rooms.

Once you have thought about this service and decided to use it, an Internet searchshould help you find a cleaning servicenear your home. When choosing a company, a reputable company will have reviews on their website about the quality of their services and their recommendations. In most cases, most of these companies also carry cleaning insurance and, most importantly, screen these helpers for safety. (For example, if the helper breaks or destroys something.)

Depending on the services offered by the company,one may decide early on to book their services.

What these cleaning companies can offer you – a small list of services:

Household cleaning (single and long-term)

Window cleaning

Cleaning Carpet and sofa upholstery

Laundry ironing (home or take-out or home-delivery ironing)


helping elderly people (cleaning, shopping, care)

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If you have elderly parents and don\’t have time to help clean their home, this is one way to help them and make them happy before the vacations.