Are we moving in the right direction?

Electric vehicles have been on the market for some time. Many automakers offer them; in fact, you would be hard-pressed to find a car company that does not already offer this type of vehicle. However, according to sales surveys, interest in this type of vehicle is not as high as one might think. The problem is that they are much more expensive than the cheapest cars with internal combustion engines. On the one hand, older cars do not meet strict emission regulations and emit too many harmful gases into the air, so people are required to buy a new car every few years, while on the other hand no suitable alternative is offered.

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Critics of electromobility have long argued that the production and subsequent disposal of these vehicles is a far greater environmental disaster than the extraction of oil, its processing into fuel, and the operation of vehicles with internal combustion engines The report states Several precious metals must be mined to make batteries for electric vehicles. Of course, these have a limited lifespan. Some car companies have already admitted that electric cars are a step in the wrong direction. This is because if a battery lasts even five years, the car is doomed to be discarded because the price of a new battery is so high.
Another problem is that if such a car catches fire, it is almost impossible to extinguish and must wait until it burns out. And that is probably not the most environmentally friendly option either.

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According to many scientists, the obsession with environmentalism is nothing more than the creeping emergence of a new totalitarianism, through the leaders of the European Union, dictating what citizens can own, how much they can own, when they can drive and buy what This is nothing more than a new totalitarianism. Many people still do not believe this and consider such statements conspiracy theories, but there is probably some truth to it when one looks at who is preaching these ideas. The people who talk the most about ecology are those who do not have to worry about what is in their wallets.