Water play
According to experts, the best source of fluid is water, which should make up the majority of your daily intake. Moreover, it does not have to be a store-bought brand; even standard “tap water” can be enjoyed. What can we use to make tap water taste better?
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Kettles and bottles with filters – Remove unwanted impurities such as chlorine, lime scale, and heavy metals. It contains a special filter, which needs to be replaced after a certain amount of time.
Faucet Filters and Water Purifiers– Work almost identically, but are attached directly to the faucet and purify the water as it flows.
Water ionizers In addition to filtration, water undergoes electrolysis, changing its pH and redox potential. Thus, you are drinking “live” ionized water.
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Juices and juice drinks
If you want to add vitamins and nutrients to your water intake, we recommend choosing fruits as a source. How to do that?
In a basket or press –Purchase a bottle or jug with a strainer and place pieces of fruit in it or press citrus fruits and add water for flavor.
Juicer– Another option is to juice directly from the fruit. Solid waste can be used for baking, for example.
If you cannot imagine life without fizzy lemonade, here is another convenient offer, so to speak. Coca-Cola, tonic, raspberry… and a wide variety of flavored syrups. But those who prefer unflavored sparkling water for drinking or as an ingredient in cocktails will also be pleased. The machines themselves and bottle capacities also offer many designs to choose from. The most well-known brand is SodaStream,

which is a brand that has been around since the 1960s.
For beer scouts
Speaking of sparkling summer refreshments, red wine drinkers can also find something to their liking thanks to specialty stores. In fact, you can even “improve” your water in this regard by purchasing a home brewer for your home. A basic kit, including instructions and the necessary materials, can be purchased starting at about 1500 CZK.