Antonín Germac ・ an unjustly half–forgotten Czechs at the head of Chicago

Antonin Cermak came into the world on 5/9, as Anton Cermak, for the world known in the American version of his name. He was born in 1873 to a Kladno mining family. This is C.a.K.This is due to the ongoing crisis. The ruling power decided to follow the example of hundreds of other Czechs to America, where the “American dream” was to be achieved, so at that time only his 1-year-old son was given the opportunity to write himself in history.
vlajka USA
As a child, he got a job in the same mine as his father, in the town of Braidwood, about 100km from Chicago. Such a rhetorical talent and characteristic of politicians like him, perhaps too soon, at the age of 16 he became the leader of the miners who were hit, and then fired.
He went to the nearest big city Chicago, and it was here that he began his story, which made him a legend of the city. With the few dollars he saved, he bought a horse and started a horse-drawn carriage business. Every month the profit went up, and with them the size of the business increased. Jermark studied economics as part of the evening school and can still attend law courses. He becomes a court clerk and invests corporate profits in real estate, soaring up the social ladder. He marries a Czech・American woman, Maria Horyshova, who will provide him with a quality background for the rest of his life.
Antonine Germak as a politician
In 1900 he became a member of the Democratic Party in Chicago.The main problem at that time was the problem of minorities in the city and surrounding areas.As one member of these minorities, Jermark became an important member of the party thanks to his knowledge of the issue.1 Through failed runs for the Illinois House of Representatives, party leaders, and the US Senate, he rose to the forefront of Chicago politics, and in 1931 came the victory of his life – 58% of Chicago people elected his mayor. For two years, he fights the mafia, where Chicago is central, goes to war with Al Capone (1899-1947), a symbol of crime, destroys police and judicial corruption, and makes Chicago a safer place. In the city 30. It is home to 275,000 Czechoslovakia and is therefore the second largest Czechoslovak city in the world, yes, even this fact was certainly in favor of Cermak from the beginning, but it does not change the fact that he reached the top mainly by self-help.
město Chicago dnes
The great Mayor of Chicago Dies 6. In 1933, 3 weeks after his assassination in Miami, he was shot by Italian immigrant Giuseppe Zangara.3 The assassination took place during a meeting with then-President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Roosevelt (1882-1945), when the mayor and president were driving the town in an open car. It is unclear who the 45mm bullet actually belonged to, whether it was the head of state or Chicago, and apparently it was a targeted mafia attack on a feared enemy. Zangara was executed shortly thereafter. Funeral 10. March 1 is one of the largest in American history. Chicago has never forgotten that Thermak, only in our country the memories of this important compatriot somehow disappear over time. Of course, he will never be completely forgotten, with the size of his legacy it is impossible. “I\’m glad it was me, not you, President.”-Chelmark immediately after the assassination