What should I do if I am dissatisfied with my relationship?

My relationship with my partner has been great at times and difficult at many others. Or have you come to the conclusion in a short period of time that you are not the kind of person to hold yourself back, and now you don\’t know how to get out of such a precarious situation? Whether you are trying to save both of your cases or just find the ideal solution and don\’t care about the outcome, you can always deal with similar complications. What options are available?

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Remember why you are together: after a long time, you can\’t remember why you made the initial or general commitment to this person, there is not enough space and most of your free time is You may feel cramped, expected to devote yourself to your partner. But when suddenly nothing interests you anymore and it seems like a waste of time, try to remember why and what you were interested in.

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Try going without your partner for a while: but reducing your daily schedule, spending minutes on a common hobby, or simply conversing about any topic can help you get your head straight. Your feelings about events in the next few days, weeks, maybe even months (of course, this depends purely on your personal opinion and the time you need for yourself), whether you can imagine your existence without regular association with your chosen person, are already easily readable feelings that They would be stacked against you. Either way, you will be accompanied by a series of mixed emotions and vague moods. But until you get your head out of the clouds and your thoughts fully organized, you will not be able to make a complete judgment about your future.