What is the Internet and mobile network usage in the Czech Republic?

Internet and Mobile Network Usage in the Czech Republic Mobile communication in the Czech Republic is on the rise. For example, T-Mobil is doing very well and currently provides mobile services to more than 6 million customers. This operator is even increasing the number of fixed connections. The number of users has reached nearly 200,000. However, Internet TV has also increased from T – Mobile, with about 35,000 people or households now paying for the service. This is a much larger increase than the previous year, more than 200%. interest in IP TV is also growing, as this service offers many affordable rate plans. t-mobile has been a Czech male since 1996, and some remember the former name Paegas, which ceased operations in 2002. . Today, T-Mobile is part of Deutsche Telekom.
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In 2017, T – Mobile collected nearly SEK 20 billion for the operation of all mobile services. However, it invested part of the funds. The result is the current LTE high-speed network coverage, which has been improved by another 3%. At the end of last year, after T – Mobile, a trial operation of the so-called Internet of Things was also launched.
T-Mobile\’s major competitor would be O2, which has about 5 million customers in the Czech Republic alone. This number is almost the same as in the previous year. However, O2\’s subscription rates have increased by about 2%. Approximately 3.5 million Czechs pay a portion of O2\’s rate plans, with 500,000 of them preferring prepaid cards.
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During the year, many people began buying smartphones with high-speed LTE networks, and the number of new subscribers increased by a whopping 10% O2, like T-Mobile, is investing heavily in the development of new, more advanced technologies. For example, in neighboring Slovakia, O2 is currently the number one provider.