What is online communication

One of the many things the Internet has brought to humanity is the ease of communication. As long as someone is online, that is, literally on a wire or in a place with a connection, we can have a conversation. It doesn\’t matter how far away the other person is, or whether he or she is dressed formally or in comfortable house clothes. In short, he or she is with you right now.
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There are many ways to communicate

There are many ways to communicate. And, of course, there is the possibility of connecting online not only with friends, but also with other unknown Internet users. Therefore, we need to be careful that the information we transmit is not misused by others.

1.Chat – The most widely used communication channel. Here one can meet not only friends, but also strangers with similar interests. In many cases, not everyone reveals their identity, so it is impossible to guess who the other person is. Large chats with multiple users are also possible.

2.Skype – A communication channel that requires a program to be downloaded to a computer or cell phone. It is nice to be able to make video calls for free. It is a great advantage to be able to call other countries for free, as long as there is a possibility that the other person can connect via Skype. Of course, there is also a connection chat that allows users to check if they are online or not.
An advantage is screen sharing, which makes it very easy to give advice on how to solve a problem.
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3. ICQ – Before Skype came into the limelight, it was one of the most widely used online communication systems. You create an account and download the program. When you wanted to communicate, you could set up a “present” and others could see the green flowers. Many companies used to communicate with their customers in this way, but it has now been replaced by direct communication channels on moving and shopping sites.

4.As mentioned in the previous section, online formsare very common and widespread in the business sector. Online signatures indicate that there is a competent person on the other side who is willing to provide the information necessary to complete the transaction.

5.Social Networks – are at the top of the market these days. Who has not heard of Facebook or LinkedIn? Each has its place in the communication sphere.
The advantages of online communication are speed and convenience.