What does such a pool look like?

As anyone who has ever seen a pool knows, a pool is not just a hole in the ground. It is not just a hole in the ground. The reason it is mundane is that it cannot function by itself. [Once filled, the water seeps out of the mere earthen wall and is irretrievably lost. [The earthen wall collapses under the influence of water and gravity. [Because of this wall and bottom, the water becomes permanently muddy and the bathers become like piglets. [One\’s feet sink to the bottom.
plovoucí kruh

Therefore, pools must consist primarily of water tanks with walls made of suitable materials that do not slip, do not leak, are kept clean, and are not offensive to humans.
But this is not the end of the story.
The filtration systemis also part of the pool, if the pool should be a real pool. Without it, everything that enters the water will remain in the water, muddy it, rot it, and soon after filling the pool, make it totally unfit for its original purpose, bathing.
Vacuum cleaners. Without a vacuum cleaner, there is nothing to do with what falls into the pool and sinks to the bottom. Without a pool vacuum cleaner, one would have had to try to collect the debris that fell to the bottom by hand, which would have been ineffective and would have only further muddied the water. Pool vacuums can be fully automatic, semi-automatic, or manual, with their own drives, filters, and pumps.
hoses. These are logistically important for everything from turning on the water to draining the dirt.
Solar systems. For example, solar sails are responsible for keeping the water clean, as well as keeping the water warm during the day and not cooling rapidly at night. There are also solar panels to heat the water.
Heat pumps… If we need hot water and can afford it, they make sure we have hot water.
Netting on telescoping poles.Can always be used to pick up trash that falls into the water.
Floats for putting chemicals in the pool.Without it, the chemicals will sink to the bottom and you will not be able to feed the chemicals.
Cover tarpaulins. Like the solar tarpaulin, it prevents dirt from entering the water, but it does not get as hot.
Brush for cleaning pool walls.This is just as logical as the thermometer, and I won\’t go into too much detail.
plavání s destičkou
A pool is not just a hole in the ground. It is something more than that. If you want a bathing facility in your home, not in a swamp on private property somewhere, it has to be more than that.