Waiting for the Green Dot

In schools, assignments are given via e-mail correspondence, Internet searches are required, and children are often required to bring what they have typed on their computers. Teachers do not care if the child does not have a computer. Working people also often, if not voluntarily, bring their work home. But regardless of work hours, holidays, or weekends, messages from employers and clients are constantly coming into their e-mail. Not because they are urgent, but simply because they want to reply.
Permanentně online
Easy access to information and quick connections thus become a curse. We become obsessed with looking for the green dot that indicates that we and our online peers can connect. We want everything now because we can. But we no longer consider the fact that there is something other than a world composed of binary code 1s and 0s. We feel that our ability to connect quickly gives us the right to write to anyone, anytime we want, and demand an immediate response. Even if there is no malicious intent.
Virtuální spojení
Everyone is trying to modernize. Electronic documents, cell phone payments, cafes with Wi-Fi but no dessert. It\’s being attacked from all sides, but it\’s not much easier anyway. After all, contracts still have to be signed and handed in by hand, and emails and phone calls are at least half the time face-to-face. As a result, confusion ensues. There is complex software for simple tasks, and complex tasks must be done by hand due to system errors.
We no longer care whether our neighbor is doing well, whether Tonda has recovered, or what happened to the cat we haven\’t seen in a long time. All we care about is whether there is a green dot next to their social media icon.