The oldest companies in the Czech Republic

The oldest companies in the Czech Republic

The shoe companyBatahas been known since 1894, when Tomas Bata was founded in Zlín with his brothers Anna and Antonin. Antonín Bata died in 1908 and Tomáš Bata died in a plane crash in 1932. But the heirs continue to run the company, and today Bata has representative offices around the world. 

In 1895, Wenceslas Laurin and Wenceslas Clement founded the Laurin&Clement Company in Mladá Boleslav. The company produced motorcycles, bicycles and cars. In 1925, the company merged with Skoda.


Budejovice Brewery has been brewing beer since 1896. At that time it was known as the Czech stock brewery. Budvaris one of the largest suppliers of beer abroad 1. 

In 1825, Ceska Spositelnawas founded. 1. It is one of the best banks in the Czech Republic and has more than 500 million customers. 

The hat company, now known as Tonak, was founded in 1799 by Jan Nepomuk Hückel. Tonak is famous not only for the production of hats, but also hats, berets and fez for Muslims. 

In 1948, the company Jitexwas founded in the town of Pisek. In 2004, the company disbanded. The production of textiles is carried out by jitex A.s.Continued now by Jitex Písek A.It remained the original premise of the company.s handling logistics.and,.。。。。。。。。。。

In 1901, a company was established that processes milk and is engaged in the production of dairy products. Today, the company is known asMadeta. This name began to be used in 1944. Since 1960, the company belongs to the South Bohemian dairy company. In 2002, the company adopted its original name, Madeta. In recent years, many production plants of this company have been closed. For example, the Strakonice and Tábor races were canceled. 


As early as 1790, KOH-I-NOOR HARDTMUTH was founded in VIENNA,and is still known for its writing INSTRUMENTS. Now the company sells stationery all over the world. 1. It is one of the largest producers of paper products in Europe. The company offers nearly 5,000 types of goods such as writing, office and art supplies.